20 Somethings

20 Somethings


Class Launch to be announced. Stay tuned!

The Real World

We're not teens anymore.  Whether it's school, into career, or juggling both, this collection of classes is putting the polish on everything!

- Developing a Personal Brand:  A more definitive approach to what we present to the world.  

- How to utilize hair, makeup, and wardrobe as a way to communicate who you are.

- Interview acumen that punctuates your brand.

- Importance of honoring commitments to self, so self care doesn't fly the coop.

- What do I really want to do when I grow up?  Honing in on what floats our boats.

- Core strength:  Not abs, but core values and deal breakers.  Who do I want to be in the world and what is my check list of non negotiable standards?

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