Our Story

Timing is everything!  When Emma and Claire met in 2016, Claire was simply looking for a hair consultation and to network with another professional in the field of image and style.  Emma shared with Claire that she was carving out time to work on a new business venture that had been stirring in her for about 20 years!  Claire’s curiosity was piqued.  She wanted to know what the new venture was.

As Emma began to describe what is now called Beam School, the smile on Claire’s face, the sparkle in her eyes, the absolute beaming she was doing, was electrifying!  Claire’s expression seemed to wordlessly communicate, "I get it!  I love it!” and basically what looked to Emma like she was saying, "I’m in!!”

Claire said, “The whole thing resonated with me right away and I knew I had clients who would want to enroll.  When Emma asked if I wanted to participate, it was a no brainer. Yes!”  Emma had always wanted a partner for the project, and lo and behold Claire appeared...

As they talked further, they decided they would make excellent partners, as their strengths complimented each others beautifully.  They have been creating Beam School ever since.  

As a team their experience spans the reaches of girls and women ages 7-101!  Claire is mom to a 8 year old girl, and Emma’s work with her grandmother and friends brought Centenarians into the mix!   Between the two of them they have intimate experience helping girls and women of every age.  

Welcome to Beam School!


Emma Carter, Hair and Makeup Pro. 

Co-Founder of Beam School and owner of Beam Beauty Brand

Wondering what qualifies Emma to teach all things inner and outer style to the girls and women?

Glance at a few of the hats she’s worn in this arena:

  • BS Journalism, Advertising.  University of Colorado, Boulder

  • Fashion industry veteran, NYC

  • Cosmopolitan magazine, editorial art department

  • International fashion industry hair and makeup artist

  • Guest professor, Parsons School of Design, makeup design.

  • Bobbi Brown’s first protege

  • Self Care and Self Esteem Workshop Creator.  

  • Enriched by extensive global work and travel

And she’s really into personal growth and embracing her femininity:

  • Authenticity advocate

  • Girl, woman, sister, friend, daughter, “cool aunt”

  • Minor in women’s studies

  • Successful business woman

  • Steeped in Southern tradition and etiquette

  • Personal shopper/private clients

She’s worked with big celebs, models, photographers, magazines,  and on ad campaigns. Though her work is focussed on outer appearances, she  connects deeply with people. “ I get all up in people’s personal space doing hair and makeup. I see much more than physical appearance, I feel energy and beauty radiating from each. ”, she says.

Emma is a natural teacher.  She’s taught exercise classes, Yoga, teen modeling, makeup, and self esteem.

She loves being a strong female.  She’s studied with self esteem gurus as well as style gurus.  

But, one of the biggest influences was attending a  “charm school” type course at 14. She loved it, and has been dreaming up her own version ever since!

Emma has tons of passion, love, and humor to share with her clients and students, making the path to your best style, a rich and full adventure!

You can learn more about Emma and see some of her work on her website,  BeamBeautyBrand.com


Claire Roberts, Wardrobe and Style Expert. 

Co-Founder of Beam School and Owner of Claire Roberts Style

Want to know why Claire is a perfect teacher for Beam School? 

It won't take more than a quick glance below to convince you:  

  • Trained by the top leaders in Image Consulting: Carla Mathis, Brenda Kinsel, Bev Dwane and more

  • Client list includes executives of Fortune 500 Companies

  • Experienced creator and teacher of style workshops

  • Commercial and personal photography styling

  • Confident working with all body shapes and sizes

  • Gifted with a keen eye for lines, colors, and textures

  • Success in Corporate world speaks to personal polish and smarts

  • Holds a BS in Business Administration from NCSU

And on top of being gaga about all things style related, she’s really into female empowerment:

  • Advocates Self Acceptance and Healthy Body Image

  • Girl, woman, daughter, sister, friend, mother

  • Southern born and bred; etiquette and manners included

  • Successful business woman

  • Exposure to world views through extensive study and travel

Claire loves being a strong female. She believed in herself enough to leave success in the corporate world to utilize her unique gifts and passions in the style world. She’s bravely stepped into her calling and lives authentically, as she helps others do the same.  

Claire has a reassuring ease and confidence about her and loves helping others feel confident in clothing for any occasion.   She loves seeing, as she says, “the transformative quality of the right outfit”.


Go to ClaireRobertsStyle.com and read some more about Claire.  You’ll find some very impressive testimonials by some of Claire’s clients.  It’ll be as obvious to you as it is to the rest of us that what she is doing is working!