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Learn To Beam Who You Are

Welcome to beam school

Cultivating Inner and Outer Style



The name comes from the idea that in order to be the best version of myself, I must BE (who I) AM.  And when I am my true self, I naturally radiate my authenticity out into the world.

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A Beam School investment imparts life skills every girl should know:
Skincare   /   Hair   /   Makeup /  Cultivating their own style   /   Creating appropriate outfits   /   Social Graces   /   Media Images – real vs. fake   /   Responsible use of social media   / Mind + Body + Spirit / Kindness + Acceptance and, of course... Fun!


About Beam School

Emma Carter and Claire Roberts have launched an educational experience that no one else is offering. Hands on guidance from real life style pros! 

Girls and women of all ages love to learn the latest, as well as the tried and trusted, when it comes to health, beauty, and style!  Our collection of classes caters to all ages and stages of life!  Starting with Girls (12-15 years old) followed by Teens, then College age, followed by Twentysomethings, Thirtysomethings and every decade up through Centenarians.

Our courses teach skincare, makeup, hair styling, wardrobe, social media, social graces, false media images, mind + body + spirit, kindness + acceptance and more. 

Beam School is an opportunity to learn an extensive amount of insider industry knowledge about self care and self expression from real pros.